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Know how much firms pay for
full-time legal support today?
Take a look.
It will blow you away.


The median salary for a bookkeeper is over $43,000.


The median salary for a paralegal is over $50,000.

Legal ´╗┐Admin Salaries

The median salary of a legal admin is over $42,000.

Receptionist Salaries

The median salary of a reception is over $34,000.

You can't remain profitable while paying so many salaries.

JDsync is your solution.

JDsync brings Attorneys and Legal Support Pros together virtually, to drastically reduce overhead and give you back your free time.


Reduce Overhead

Reduce back office legal support costs by up to thousands every month and discover soaring profits!

Increase Productivity

Small firm attorneys who consider their practice "successful" report spending only 53% of their time practicing law.

Take back Your Life

Spend more time doing the things that bring you fulfillment. Odds are, these things do not include admin and support tasks.

Break the cycle of frustration!

If you're like most small firm attorneys, you wear too many hats preventing you from doing what you set out to do: practice law. Imagine closing your eyes and opening them to discover your reception, bookkeeping, document review, legal research, filings and drafting pleadings is all done for you. What would that feel like for you? Hiring Freelance Support Professionals through JDsync will reduce overhead, increase your productivity and allow you to finally take back your life!